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Voice mail

Sergeant Alvarez. Leave your message after the signal.

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Jul. 13th, 2011

Your Mind is Attentive

You are always paying close attention to what's going on around you. You are focused but also a multitasker.
You are a doer, not a dreamer. You like to put all your ideas into action.

You are very productive. You are good at knowing what needs to get done first and then doing it.
You are proactive, and you try not to let anything slide. You avoid lazy thinking habits.

Choose one or a couple of these, and I'll do my best to write a drabble or ficlet with that prompt and my muse and your muse. Let me know if you have stuff to add to the request prompt!

1. Playful!Coug
2. Murderous!Coug
3. Flailing!Coug
4. Incarcerated!Coug
5. Deviant!Coug
6. Ill!Coug
7. Intoxicated!Coug
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Coug
9. Eloquent!Coug
10. Cooking!Coug
11. Over-protective!Coug
12. Wanker!Coug
13. Silly!Coug
14. Romantic!Coug
15. Long-winded!Coug
16. Bedtime!Coug
17. Jealous!Coug
18. Inquisitive!Coug
19. Confused!Coug
20. Sexy!Coug
21. Angry!Coug
22. Dorky!Coug
23. Working!Coug
24. Needs-a-Hug!Coug
25. Choose-your-own!Coug

musebysentence 93.13. Marriage

If any of Cougar's friends thought it stupid, with her health already so declined and hopeless, none of them breathed a word about it in either his or Anya's hearing - and he was somehow as grateful to them for it as for any time they'd saved his life.