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wonacoconut's Journal

13 December
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Sgt. Carlos Alvarez, known to those he works with - or against, long enough for them to know about him - as Cougar. Mexican. Cowboy hat, on unless it's really getting in the way (not much good when you're dropping with a parachute; as soon as the ground is touched, though, well, then we're talking). Not a man of many words, well, not since that chopper went down way too close.

And the best sniper you'll find.

Oh, and... never touch the hat.

This is the journal of a fictional character. I am not associated with the creators or owners of either the comic or the movie, and make no profit out of this. All for fun, buys. Ish. I am also not, nor in any way (other than the admiring way) associated with Óscar Jaenada, the actor who portrays Cougar.